This is the website where judges are judged, police are policed, lawyers are laundered and bureaucrats are besieged.

Corrupt police, lawyers, judges, magistrates, VCAT panel members and Presidents, etc. are all the same in terms of ‘you don’t know you have a ‘corrupt’ or ‘bad’ one until it’s too late’. And I found, as I served the community and Victoria Police for almost 35 years as a Justice of the Peace and Bail Justice, that where there is a commonly held belief in the community that ‘if you commit the crime, you do the time’; if you are a police officer, lawyer or judicial officer (at least in the State of Victoria) the mantra is, “If you ‘do the crime’, you can ‘skip the time’.” And thus it is. And they get away with their crap just because they can and just because they are accountable to nobody but themselves. Even our supposedly independent ‘Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission’ is so corrupt that they just report criminal and corrupt police back to Victoria Police Professional Standards Command ‘for further action if necessary’ which goes – well, nowhere – and possibly because it (IBAC) is staffed by former Victoria Police officers who may, or may not, be corrupt themselves.

So this website has been set up so that you can find out for yourself who is, and who is not corrupt, criminal, incompetent, arrogant, stupid, greedy and/or just plain self-aggrandising and/or ‘dob one in’. ‘Slime Stoppers’ will expose those individuals who fit one or more of the aforementioned and post their status for the public’s prior perusal. We will also, just to be fair, reasonable and in the interests of ‘justice’, post the positive comments that recognise where ‘justice’ has not only been done, it has been seen to have been done. The ‘public’ (the community that these people supposedly serve) have a right to know what they are getting for the largesse that they receive (almost exclusively from the taxpayers even though non-taxpayers have a right to the same service) and whether they are getting what is commonly referred to as ‘bang for their buck’. Respondents will be able to answer specific questions about how they were treated, used, abused and/or otherwise dealt with. For the definitions of ‘corrupt’/’corruption’/’improper conduct’ please see below.

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No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.” (Attributed to Samuel L. Clemens (aka Mark Twain) 1835 – 1910 American writer, humourist, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer.)

A good police force is one that captures more crooks than it employs.” (Sir Robert Mark, former Chief Commissioner, London Metropolitan Police Force – universally known as ‘Scotland Yard’.)

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” (William Shakespeare wrote it in 1598 (Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2) and there are a lot of people still thinking the same way today.)

A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody, ought not to be trusted by anybody.” (Thomas Paine 1737 – 1809 American revolutionary and political activist.)

Better to stand and fight (especially for what’s right) because if you run, you will only die tired.” (Viking proverb.)



  • corrupt’ – adj. 1 dishonest, 2 immoral, wicked, 3 made unreliable by errors or alterations, 4 rotten,
  • ‘corrupt’ – verb 1 make or become corrupt or depraved, 2 affect or harm by errors or alterations, 3 infect, taint,

  • corruption’ – noun 1 moral deterioration 2 use of corrupt practices 3 (a) an irregular alteration from its original state (b) an irregular altered form of a word



  • corrupt’ – trans. verb To change from a sound to a putrid or putrescent state; infect or taint; contaminate; to vitiate morally; pervert; deprave; to vitiate the integrity of; to debase language or a word;
  • ‘corrupt’ – intrans. verb 1 to become corrupted or corrupt
  • corrupt’ – adj. Corrupted; putrid; infected or tainted; depraved or debased’; dishonest or venal; vitiated by errors or alterations, as a text or word

  • corruption’ – noun The act of corrupting or being corrupt; moral perversion; perversion; perversion of integrity; corrupt or dishonest proceedings; perversion from a state of purity; debasement as of a language; a debased form of a word.



Malfeasance’ refers to the willful and intentional act to do harm. ‘Misfeasance’ is the unintentional act that does harm.

The specific elements of ‘misconduct in public office’ are taken from the Victorian Court of Appeal in R v Quach ……….

(i) Must have been performed by a public official in the course of, or connected to, their public office;

(ii) Must be a willful, or unintentional, act by neglecting or failing to perform their duty;

(iii) Must have been done without reasonable excuse, cause or justification; and

(iv) Where such misconduct is serious and meriting criminal sanction having regard to the office and the office holder and the nature and extent of the departure from the scope of their office.


Misconduct in public office

‘Misconduct in public office’ is broadly defined. It can be any conduct by a public sector employee which is unlawful or fails to meet the ethical or professional standards required in the performance of their duties or the exercise of powers entrusted to them.

Examples of misconduct in public office might include:

  • misuse of power to harm, oppress or disadvantage a person
  • failure to disclose a conflict of interest
  • unauthorised accessing of police databases and disclosure of confidential information by police members.

Unlike most examples of corruption, misconduct in public office does not require financial or personal gain on the part of the public officer.

If you have had an interaction with a police officer, a lawyer, a judicial officer (Magistrate, Judge, VCAT Panel Member or President, etc.) or their bureaucracies, please click on the link above ‘Report Conduct/Misconduct’ that will take you to the relevant page.